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It’s time to love your billing provider again. \n\nA new kind of billing provider: Cycle30 is an order-to-cash billing service operator.... More Info

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Case Study
Case Study: GSM wireless network build

SITUATION: When a converged telecommunications services provider faced the sale of its wireless partner properties to a large, national wireless company, it chose to expand its market penetration by building its own wireless GSM network. The provider engaged Cycle30 to build out, integrate, and deploy all of the BSS & OSS functions to support the new GSM network and wireless services in three metropolitan areas,... More Info

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Case Study
Case Study: CDMA acquisition and conversion

SITUATION: When a GSM provider acquired a CDMA competitor in order to expand its geographic footprint, it needed to integrate the acquired network, subscribers and inventory into its existing order-to-cash billing platform. The provider engaged Cycle30 to convert the acquired CDMA system customers so that they could be billed and managed from the same platform as the provider's other services.... More Info

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Case Study
Case Study: MVNO Integration

SITUATION: A converged provider, desiring to offer wireless services to its customers, acquired the regional subscribers of a national provider. This effort required the conversion of approximately 35,000 subscribers as well as the MVNO integration to this national provider to support these customers as well as add new customers.... More Info

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OTC Services

Order-to-Cash Billing Services\n\nCycle30 provides a completely hosted platform for scalable and reliable converged billing. It includes convergent charging, rating and balance management for existing and emerging services across a variety of markets.\n\nUnlike a traditional billing system you need to deploy, maintain and host yourself, the Cycle30 order-to-cash platform is ready today, so you can get to market quickly.\n\nOrder-to-Cash Services...... More Info

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