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Digtal Transformation for Telcos:
A 101 Guideline

JEVERA Software Solutions and the IT Ukraine Association proudly present their groundbreaking research which provides telcos and connectivity providers with a roadmap of dealing with challenges to be faced in 2024 — monetization models and new revenue streams, implementation of customer-oriented services, cybersecurity, and more. Now available on demand.... More Info

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The Impact of Transformation Webinar

The technical landscape is changing, and systems are struggling to keep up. Networks are rapidly becoming software defined, hybrid cloud deployments are becoming commonplace, billions of IoT devices are coming online, and emerging technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, are being increasingly leveraged – out of shear necessity.... More Info

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The Network Transformation Imperative Panel Discussion

Register to watch the largest and most dynamic panel discussion on network transformation to take place to date. This unique session features a broad panel of the industry’s leading experts to discuss network transformation drivers, challenges, and key technical considerations.... More Info

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Agile Architecture for Digital Innovation Panel Discussion

This on-demand panel discussion highlights how service providers can compete with web-scale cloud providers and thrive in an era of digital disruption, by boosting Agility and investing in development models that expedite speed-to-market and time-to-monetization for higher volumes of complex services.... More Info

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How to Leverage Pipeline to Achieve Your Strategic Marketing Objectives

This on-demand webinar highlights how you can leverage Pipeline to expand your brand, establish thought leadership, and generate tangible return on your marketing investment. This webinar also features a powerful customer testimonial demonstrating how Pipeline helps its customers generate millions of dollars in new revenue and other benefits.... More Info

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Monetizing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to hit $8.9 trillion (yes, trillion!) in annual sales by 2020. New pricing schemes that leverage IoT’s data centricity mean big shifts for sellers who must respond to unprecedented demand for usage and pay-as-you go models.... More Info

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Bend or Break? Billing for B2B IoT

By attending this webinar you’ll hear from Numerex and LogiSense on the new demands IoT will place on pricing and billing, including:

- Required agility necessary to manage the nuances of IoT business models
- What end-to-end solutions mean to your company and why they matter
- The impact of convergence on your offerings
- True impact of "cost of ownership"... More Info

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How Telcos Can Benefit from Streaming Big Data Analytics

Gain insights into the essentials of streaming Real-Time Big Data

Analytics. Learn how Communications Service Providers are using streaming Real-Time Big Data Analytics for:

- Real-Time Situational Awareness
- Real-Time Customer Experience Monitoring
- Real-Time 1-to-1 Marketing
- Real-Time Fraud Detection & Prevention
- Real-Time Billing Analytics
- M2M Monetization & Internet of Things projects... More Info

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4G Day in the Life video

Take two minutes to see a few ways Convergys can help operators monetize their 4G investment.... More Info

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Why Network Performance Management is Critical for Ethernet Backhaul Services

Monitoring the performance of the IP/Ethernet based backhaul infrastructure has become paramount for delivering the levels of service customers' demand. Learn best practices from Comcast and SevOne on how scalable, comprehensive performance management can allow you to effectively manage network capacity while reducing backhaul expenditure.... More Info

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Monetizing 4G Services

This webinar presents the results of an exclusive survey of Telecom Operator plans for turning 4G's promise into long-term and sustainable profits. You will learn what is occurring in the industry and they key steps to take to mitigate risks and create revenue.... More Info

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