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2019: The Year 5G Gets Real

It seems the hype surrounding 5G has been with us for a few years now, but 2019 figures to be the year when actual deployments begin and things “get real.” This article takes a look at four critical areas of the new network environment that will come with 5G networks and how things may develop as the year goes along. 5G will drive virtualization in 2019 Momentum is building behind 5G.... More Info

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The Role of' 'Softwareization' in Carrier Networks

In the cloud, the ‘softwareization’ of everything has already arrived, delivering a variety of benefits via innovative applications that created entirely new business models and revenue streams. When it comes to the network outside the data center, however, many functions are still performed manually—especially in long haul backbone environments.... More Info

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Defining Tomorrow's Network: Are You Prepared?

Digital transformation is turning out to be a double-edged sword for businesses across the world. There is no doubt about its positive impact.... More Info

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Igniting the 100G to 400G Service Evolution

This need for more bandwidth is driving a requirement for reliable high-capacity, high-performance scalable networks to move towards 400G services—providing rapid optical backbone network support for all 10G and 100G customer service scenarios on a carrier’s network. What is behind this evolution to 400G services?... More Info

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5G & Future Business Use Cases

5G, the next iteration of wireless cellular technologies, is currently reaching its final stages of development and commercialization by MNOs and industry stakeholders. Previous iterations of technologies (3G and 4G) were developed with a consumer-oriented focus.... More Info

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