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CHR Engineering Services

CHR is experienced in applying current and emerging technologies to add revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs that service providers are experiencing. Our engineers are continually researching new and emerging technologies to ensure our clients have the information required to make informed decisions and partner with them to implement the solution.... More Info

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CHR Solutions Overview

CHR Solutions is building the future with broadband. Learn how CHR partners with Communications Providers, Electric Coops, and Municipalities to implement successful FTTx that enables better broadband.... More Info

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Geospatial Platform from CHR

By using Geospatial data in a unique way, CHR provides clients with a platform that utilizes real-time information to improve efficiencies, take the guesswork out of decisions, and ultimately increase speed to market... More Info

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CHR Software Solutions Overview

Omnia360 Product Bulletin: A dynamic, pre-integrated billing and CRM solution that brings together your entire business ecosystem. Omnia360 transcends traditional billing platforms with a complete ‘out-of-the-box,’ pre-integrated customer relationship management and billing solution.... More Info

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10 Ingredients for Realizing the 5G Promise and 2022 Predictions with Jio

5G and 2022 5G trends are explored with Reliance Jio in this Pipeline magazine article. Click to explore the 10 ingredients for realizing the promise of enterprise 5G and 2022 5G predictions with Reliance Jio.... More Info

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