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IT & Telecom Industry News

IT and Telecom industry news headlines are discussed in this Pipeline magazine article. Read the latest 5G, AI, cybersecurity, and other breaking news stories in this IT and telecom industry news column.... More Info

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Hackers Unmasked: How They Use Your Identity Against You

Single Sign-on security and risks are explored in this Pipeline Magazine article by Blackpoint Cyber. Click to learn how to overcome the challenges of SSO.... More Info

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Digital Transformation For Telcos

This comprehensive guideline aims to help telco leaders map the current telecom market conditions on their business reality, define the core bottlenecks that affect performance, and find relevant ways of improvement to start the digitaI transformation journey.... More Info

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Digtal Transformation for Telcos:
A 101 Guideline

JEVERA Software Solutions and the IT Ukraine Association proudly present their groundbreaking research which provides telcos and connectivity providers with a roadmap of dealing with challenges to be faced in 2024 — monetization models and new revenue streams, implementation of customer-oriented services, cybersecurity, and more. Now available on demand.... More Info

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