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Executive Interview with AT&T on IoT

Pipeline had the opportunity to meet with Mobeen Khan from AT&T to discuss the evolution of IoT Services at Mobile World Congress Americas.... More Info

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Executive Interview with ZenFi Networks on New Fiber Networks

Pipeline had the opportunity to meet with Victoria Lamberth, Chief Revenue Officer of ZenFi Networks, to discuss its acquisition of CrossRiver Fiber and its new fiber network called network of neighborhood networks, at INCOMPAS Event 2018.... More Info

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Die, Billing Errors, Die: The Monster Finally Meets Its Match

It’s hardly a secret, but it’s certainly something that service providers are increasingly reluctant to talk about. Billing errors have long been the bane of the industry, surviving assaults from technologies ranging from business intelligence to revenue assurance systems.... More Info

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Drive Digital Services Growth with Flexible Monetization

Today’s customers are increasingly digitally minded in the ways they interact with each other and the businesses they patronize. A recent Oracle survey found that 70 percent of consumers are highly engaged with their mobile devices and check mobile apps at least several times per day.... More Info

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Improving CX through Better Measurement

For over ten years, The Cable Center (TCC) in Denver, Colorado, has been bringing together top customer experience management (CXM) executives from the cable industry to advance the practice of customer experience (CX). Under the banner of the C5 (Cable Center Customer Centric Consortium), our group meets twice each year—alternating between TCC (Denver) and the headquarters of a C5 member.... More Info

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