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RCS Chatbot Directory Opens Up New Opportunities for Marketers

A New App Store As RCS continues to make great strides in becoming the global standard for carrier-based messaging and provides a new opportunity for brands to communicate with consumers, a new brand discovery experience has emerged: the chatbot directory. Launched by AT&T and Samsung to a growing number of capable devices, the chatbot directory gives consumers a new channel.... More Info

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How Infrastructure Management Can Facilitate Digital Transformation

Although towercos are relatively new to the mobile and wireless industries, they are playing an increasingly important role: they are needed to roll out 4G and 5G network upgrades. These sites are complex, and their resources must be properly managed to fulfill their purpose of broadening the reach of mobile networks.... More Info

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Letter from the Editor - February 2019

Pervasive mobility, this month's issue theme, is an interesting topic. It's a topic that is fueled by compelling technology and new innovations.... More Info

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Telecom Industry News - February 2019

News on key road-to-5G updates was dominant this month. The completion of the world’s first over-the-air 5G data transmission using 2.5 GHz and Massive MIMO on Sprint’s live commercial network was a collaborative accomplishment between Sprint, Nokia, and Qualcomm.... More Info

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Pipeline Marketing Planner Worksheet

Media planning worksheet for Pipeline marketing and advertising opportunities.... More Info

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