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Advanced Analytics to Combat Robocalling

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received 4.5 million robocall complaints in 2017, up from 3.4 million the prior year. This significant increase helps to explain why the robocall epidemic is squarely in the crosshairs of wireless and wireline operators, regulators and legislators, technology vendors, and, of course, consumers.... More Info

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Data Breach Emulation Raises the Bar

Your network is under siege. Both the nature of the Internet and hackers’ use of automated tools mean that attacks occur around the clock.... More Info

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How to Attack-Proof Backup Data Against Ransomware

The most widely used approach used by businesses to recover from ransomware attacks has been to recover the criminally encrypted data from the backup set. This has provided a very successful workaround to paying the demanded ransom.... More Info

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Proactive Network Issue Resolution is the Key to a Great Customer Experience

The telecommunications landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, forcing CSPs to find ways of improving their market position. Originating mainly from the IT world, OTT players are the main opponents, with light, easy-to-use mobile applications from companies such as Facebook, Uber and Spotify forcing customers to interact constantly with the service provider.... More Info

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Going Underground for Data Center Assurance and Security

We exist in a world today that has witnessed more transformation in the last decade than over this past century. Knowledgeable systems digitally driven by powerful and innovative platforms and next-gen technologies like distributed cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the all-encompassing Internet of Things (IoT) make up only a partial list.... More Info

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